The current edition of Rockin' Records is now available for use on your favorite PDA device. The guide can now be as convenient and portable as your Smartphone (Android, iPhone, etc., etc) and tablet.

Easy and quick to download (takes only a few minutes), and requires no special or complicated installation. Just load the one file and you're ready to open it and put over 6,000 pages of Rockin' Records to work for you.

The PDF edition is a single file, presented exactly as though flipping through the book, but with much easier searching. From the first page you can jump instantly to any of our handy bookmarks (A-Z and more), and/or use conventional search features for specific syntax. This edition includes ALL of the listings, but none of the color pages (which would significantly increase the file size).

Rockin' Records for a PDA is only $25, regardless of your location. Delivery is by e-mail and internet download. Offer does not include phone.

NOTE: Response to your order is done manually by a real person (during office hours), so please do not be concerned if you don't get an instant, computer-generated reply.

Rockin' Records FOR THE PDA
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