Now available! "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" (hardbound) contains over 1,500 fascinating photos, about 1,300 of which picture Elvis. Many, many of these are previously unpublished! It is quite likely this book contains more never-before-seen Elvis photos from 1957-'60 than any previous publication. In addition to the 400 black-and-white pages, we feature 104 full pages in gorgeous full color. And wait till you see the amazing shot that graces our back cover!

The total print run of the commemorative 50th anniversary edition is just 2,000 books. This edition will not be reprinted! Order yours soon, because when they're gone they will only be available via the collectibles marketplace, for more than the cover price.

We strongly recommend Priority Mail for this item. All orders are boxed and fully trackable, and delivery should be in two or three days. We want your copy to arrive in great condition, so Media Mail is not a good option for this title.

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